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Mini petrol stations of the Company «SKON» is a fabricated singe block for reception, storage and distribution of petroleum products, collecting surface water and accidentally spilled fuel from tankers. At such station is possible to distribute from two to four types of fuel. To increase a number of dispensed fuels, it is possible to construct AAPS for two, three or more modules according to their location in the general plan. 

The land area needed to install one AAPS bloc, with two distributing units and drainage tank is 112 square meters.
The station consists of a fuel storage tank, filling island with a fuel pump and a metal canopy on two pillars. Control of fuel pump and periphery is based on the ACS "SERVIO" production joint venture "Tatsuno C-Bench" (Ryazan) and may be configured in real time from the control room by remote administration utilities.
Fuel is stored in a double-walled tank. A four-section tank RGD-50 is installed on a base plate, which also serves as the base plate for canopy pillars. Canopy pillars are made of galvanized three-millimeter steel sheet, who also serves as an exterior and wall carrier function that allows the use of interior space of columns to accommodate a control equipment of AAPS.
Mini petrol station operates is totally automatically. It is therefore not required to erect a building operator, sum up the communication, to carry water, heat, etc.
Visual monitoring and control of parameters of functioning of the AAPS is realized from control center, which can be located at any distance from AAPS.
The automation system includes two subsystems:

 - Surveillance and Broadcast

 - Operation of fuel pump and peripherals


Video surveillance is organized on the basis of video controllers and translators Heitel (Germany), an image from these controllers is transmitted on-line to the control panel. Each camera is activated when a moving object appears in the controlling zone. Video controllers are installed directly in the column of APS and realize a permanent record, regardless of the connection to the control room.
Data channel on the station provides two-way communication: If you have any questions or for advice on working with the devices of AAPS customer can always ask the dispatcher for help.