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About us

Since 1994, the company "SKON" is an independent fuel operator on the petroleum products retail market in Yekaterinburg and in the Sverdlovsk region. The Company's objective was to create the most convenient for the customer service. Since 2000, was implanted the gas station non-cash payment system – Benzokarta SPC, which allowed to attract additional customers of the corporate segment.

Since 2001, on the basis of plastic cards department was created a company SPC which is a processing center, whose goal is the implementation and organization of non-cash payment system, not only for “SKON” gas station, but also for leading independent operators of fuel retail market gas stations’ of the Sverdlovsk region. Since 2002, «SKON» have started a close cooperation with processing companies "PetrolPlusRegion" and "Magistral-Kart"

In 2004, one of the priorities for company development was an implementation of the program "Auto Mini petrol stations (AAPS) in Ekaterinburg". Objectives of the program were an increasing of quantity of gas stations in areas of maximum transport concentration: city roads, supermarkets, garage complexes in different parts of the city. “SKON”, as the operator of the fuel retail market in the Sverdlovsk region, in a cooperation with its partners has developed and created a mini petrol station that can be installed the limited space of the modern city and at the same time meet the requirements of safety and comfort.

In July 2005, «SKON» put into operation the first automatic mini petrol stations in Yekaterinburg. The station immediately gained popularity and credibility of customers. The key advantages of the new stations were quick and easy refilling. During the operation of stations of this format confirmed the validity of the chosen technological and constructive solutions, as well as the reliability of installed equipment.

In addition to implementing AAPS in its own retail chaine, «SKON» implements its technological solutions to other companies: we realize supply and installation of Automatic gas stations and control center of Automatic petrol stations.

Today the group of companies «SKON» is:
- Gas station chain under its own brand ERGO ~, which includes 15 large multifunctional complexes with developed infrastructure
- 12 Automatic non-operator stations constructed by ourselves
- Implementation of the project "Automatic Mini petrol station" for other companies
- More them 50 constructed AAPS in Russia from Tyumen to Kaliningrad
- A reliable partner to ensure the petroleum products supply through a gas stations chaine by non-cash payment system Benzokarta SPC
- A friendly, solid team of professionals, whose energy is directed to achieve goals and objectives